Service and Warranty
For Earplugs and VCEP Earphones

At Vancouver Custom Earplugs, we are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your experience with our products is positive and satisfying.

The following is service and warranty information regarding all custom earplugs and our VCEP custom earphones and IEMs.

You can find service and warranty information on UE PRO products here.

30-Day Earplug Fit Guarantee

Adjustment Period: Allow a 2-week break-in period for your ears to adjust to new earmolds. Use the provided ear lubricant (petroleum jelly) for easier insertion and comfort.

Fit and Comfort Assurance: We will modify or remake an earplug within 30 days for fit issues, discomfort, manufacturing errors, or filter adjustments. The original product must be returned if new impressions may be required.

Handmade Uniqueness: Each earplug is custom and handmade. Variations in color and shape add to their unique personality and are expected.

3-Year Earmold Manufacturer Warranty

Coverage for Durability: Any breaks, cracks, or splits due to manufacturing defects or material failure within 3 years will be eligible for repair or remake.

Exclusions: This warranty does not cover style, material, color changes, lost earmolds, cords, anchors, filters, drivers, or cables.

2-Year Electronics & Radio Accessory Warranty

Component Assurance: We cover electronics, including drivers or radio accessories, for defects or component failures for 2 years.

Not Included: This warranty excludes earphone and monitor cables, and damage from water, moisture, or wax.

1-Year AquaSafe Waterproof Membrane Warranty

The membrane filter unit in AquaSafe Pro Earplugs comes with a one-year warranty. It’s designed to be durable but is sensitive to punctures by sharp objects or with careless use.

Maintenance Instructions: We provide detailed instructions for proper handling and cleaning to prevent damage.

General Warranty Information

Warranty Limitations: Our warranties do not cover unauthorized repairs, modifications, misuse, accidents, or improper operation.

Accessory Guarantee: Accessories such as cords, cables, and filters are guaranteed to be in working order upon delivery.

Service and Support

Contact for Claims: Initiate a service or warranty claim via our contact form. Including pictures is helpful.

Prioritizing Your Needs: We prioritize warranty inquiries and aim for a swift resolution, typically within 7 days, to minimize inconvenience.

Contacting Us

The preferred method for support is through our contact form. However, phone calls are also welcomed for those who prefer a direct conversation. Call 604-350-3080 (regular business hours)

Your trust and satisfaction with Vancouver Custom Earplugs are paramount. We strive to provide top-tier products and service, ensuring your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

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