DenSonics – Custom Molded Filtered Earplugs for Dental Professionals

DenSonics – Custom Molded Filtered Earplugs for Dental Professionals

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Preserve Your Hearing Without Struggling to Hear Your Patients

Designed by Audiologists for Dental Professionals, DenSonics are custom fitted earplugs that save you from the noise of the handpiece, suction, etc. while allowing for all day comfort and natural patient communication.

Enjoy peace of mind hearing protection throughout the work day without discomfort or irritation in your ears.
Decreasing noise exposure helps to eliminate daily stress so you feel less tired
You can still communicate with patients and team members because your ears aren’t blocked in a way that muffles sound.

Beyond Protection: Discover the Advantage of Custom Earplugs

Made of soft medical-grade silicone for a perfect fit that is comfortable for long wear.
Small design and easy to use
High-fidelity filter reduces harmful noise levels 85dB and above without muting your conversations
Easy to clean, non-porous , medical-grade silicone for a hygienic solution that will last for years of use
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Style Options

Detachable Neck Lanyard

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Available Colours

Color Options For Custom Filtered Earplugs

Personalize Your Sound Reduction

Each pair of DenSonics includes 1 set of DS acoustic filters. The filters control the level of noise that you hear.

Not sure which filters to choose? No worries – filters are interchangeable and we offer a 30 day (no charge) filter swap if you decide to change your mind on the filters.

5 dB

Ds 05 Acoustic Dental Filter B
Least Blocking

10 dB

Ds 10 Acoustic Dental Filter B
Most Popular

15 dB

Ds 15 Acoustic Dental Filter B
More Blocking

20 dB

Ds 20 Acoustic Dental Filter B
The Quietest
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How to Order

book appointment for ear impressions custom earplugs

Book Online

Book an appointment with our Burnaby or Surrey office for a consultation. There is no charge to book the appointment.

ear impressions for custom earplugs and IEM

Ear Impressions

During your appointment, we’ll take impressions (casts) of your ears. This process is painless and the entire appointment is only 30 minutes.

delivery custom earplugs vancouver canada Post

Receive by Mail

Your earplugs are shipped directly to you by Canada Post in just 3 weeks. We’ll send you a tracking # once they’re out the door.

What’s Included

Custom Molde Filtered Hearing Protection For Dentists
1 Pair of Densonic Earplugs
Premium Zipper pouch
Ear balm
Cleaning tool
Instruction Card
Sound filters
3 year Warranty