Riders – Custom Earplugs for Motorcycle Hearing Protection

Custom Earplugs for Motorcycle Riders

Red Riders Custom Motorcycle Earplugs
Riders – Custom Motorcycle Earplugs (Satin Red, Low-Profile)

More Comfort, Less Fatigue

Enjoy the freedom of the open road while preserving your hearing with the ultimate in hearing protection designed specifically for motorcycle riders.

Unmatched, long-wearing customized comfort
Secure fit that doesn’t shift while putting on your helmet
Exceptional noise reduction

Helmet Friendly Hearing Protection

Low profile design ensures the earplugs stay in place and unaffected when pulling your helmet over them, eliminating any discomfort or readjustment.
Satin finish provides a smooth surface, making them effortless to insert and remove without catching on your helmet.

Crafted from medical-grade silicone, these earplugs offer a Noise Reduction Rating of 28dB-30dB, effectively reducing harmful noise while maintaining a natural sound quality.
Riders Motorcycle Plugs under helmet

Got my new earplugs earlier this week and have finally had a chance to take them out for a few motorcycle rides. Just want to report back that they are great. The fit is just right so they work much better than the ones I had made previously elsewhere. Easy to get in and they don’t work loose like the other ones did.

– Chris G. (Vancouver)

performance Options

Maximum protection

Solid silicone Riders maintain continuous maximum hearing protection (approx. 28 dB-30 dB).

Riders Pro

Our Riders Pro version comes with acoustic filters installed. The filters reduces harmful noise like wind and tailpipes while letting through a measured amount of mid and high frequencies.

Read More on Riders Pro

The DM filter, built with patented membrane technology, ensures optimal breathing and all-day comfort by using a breathable material that keeps the ear canal cool. With its advanced membrane, it maintains natural hearing while allowing clear speech and environment perception.

This versatile DM Filter is suitable for various applications, including musicians, sound engineers, aircraft crew, motorcycle enthusiasts, and racing teams, especially in environments with consistent noise levels across frequencies.

Fits easily under motorcycle helmets.
Retains spatiality, communication, and sound directionality so you feel more aware of your surroundings.
Constant air flow into the ear, minimizes the occlusion effect (hearing your voice in your head) and avoids irritation within the ear canal.
Riders Pro Filtered Motorcycle Plugs_web
Sound travels through inline filter and down the channel into your ear canal

Style Options

Detachable Neck Lanyard

neck cord for custom earplugs (1)

Available Colours

custom shooting earplugs color options_horiz

What’s Included

riders custom motorcycle earplugs what is included
1 Pair of Riders Earplugs
Premium zipper pouch
Ear balm
Instruction Card
3 year Warranty

How to Order

Custom Earplugs Options Selection

Customize & Place Order

Select your ideal earplug type and personalize it with your choice of colors and features and place your order through our website.

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Ear Impressions

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Receive by Mail

Your earplugs are shipped by Canada Post in 3-4 weeks. We’ll keep you up to date on your order with tracking when they ship.