Custom Molded Hi-Fi Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing without sacrificing sound quality

Custom Molded Concertos let you hear everything clearly and accurately – as if you’re not wearing earplugs – it’s just quieter.

All sound goes through an acoustic filter that reduces volume evenly across frequencies.

Custom musician plugs are comfortable and sound great so you’ll enjoy wearing them – protecting your hearing so you can enjoy music for a lifetime.

picure of orange custom made musician earplugs on gibson es 347 guitar
Picture of a man wearing custom musician earplugs in vancouver

Concertos – Custom Musicians Earplugs

Our Custom Musician Earplugs, feature acoustic filters from Etymotic Research. They are the finest hearing protection available for any musician or anyone needing to be able to hear clearly but at a reduced volume.

You can choose from three different levels of sound reduction to get just the sound reduction you need to listen comfortably while still maintaining your peak performance.

Musicians Earplugs are flat-response attenuators that lower sound evenly across all frequencies. Sound heard with these earplugs has the same quality as the original, just quieter.

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Image of Richard for Testimonial about custom sleep earplugs

Richard seaby

I’ve tried a variety of earplugs, foam, wax, etc., but nothing blocked enough sound; I’m a very very light sleeper, and with my wife doing early shifts and getting up at 4 am, I was desperate. With my new plugs I’m finally getting a full night sleep. This has been lifechanging for me.

Picture of Liz in testimonial for custom sleeping earplugs and snoring noise

Liz StowE

I get an irritation from the foam ear plugs in the drug store. These ear plugs are soft material and I have no problem with allergies to the material. I have sensitive skin.

Image of Client testimonial for custom music earplugs

roselle thomas

I’m a music teacher and I teach in a loud echoing drama space. I needed to get some hearing protection as the noise level really bothers me. I’m also a brass player and I often play in front of the percussion so these fitted music plugs are perfect for both situations.

The science of a perfect fit

All custom molded earplugs start with an audiologist taking an impression of your ear canals. The audiologist will ensure that your ears are clear and healthy and there is nothing preventing a perfect cast of your ears.

Each custom earpiece is precisely fitted to your ear canal, providing maximum comfort, discreet size, and maximum noise blockage.

Your audiologist will order your custom earplugs and ship them to you within 2 weeks.

Here’s Post Malone getting his ear impressions on his tour bus for a new set of custom IEMs for the Beerbongs and Bentleys tour!

Group or remote service enquiries?

If you need a quote for staff custom earplugs or on-site audiology services for the film and music industry (discrete services), contact us.