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3 Year Warranty

Black Concerto Custom Musician Earplugs Vanvoucer Canada

Professional Quality Hearing Protection

Embrace loud music fearlessly with Concertos earplugs—where clarity meets protection. Revel in every note, safeguarded against hearing damage, for a pure, un-muffled experience.

Crystal Clear Sound: True-to-life audio, with every detail preserved.

Easy Chat: Communicate freely with friends, even amidst the loudest backdrop.

Snug Discrete Fit: Custom comfort that’s discrete, easy to use, and stays put, without hassles.

Safe Listening: Enjoy the show with the confidence that your hearing is shielded from damage and next morning ringing in your ears.

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Based on 62 reviews
I got the music ones and I’m over the moon with how good these bad boys work. Highly recommend.Jamie is an absolute legend and made the whole process effortless.
I was looking for musician ear plugs that were rather discreet and comfortable wearing for long hours especially for DJing and festivals. VCEP offers a micro that performs just as good as the regular sized ones. Very satisfied with these quality ear plugs. Package comes with a pouch, cleaning tool, and optional ear lube. Consultation process was simple and easy, with no pressure to commit. Tech specs available to help inform your purchase. Great communication. Arrived in about 3-4 weeks after consultation. Thanks!
High quality ear plugs with high quality service. I purchased a set of musician ear plugs for concerts. They are comfortable for the duration of a concert, in fact it is easy to forget they are there and sound quality is very good through them. My wife got a set of musician plugs as well as some sleep plugs. She loves them both. Jamie is very knowledgeable and professional and makes the process easy and enjoyable. Highly recommended!
I first contacted Jamie because I was looking for a set of custom sleeves for my in ear monitors. I’m a session musician, and I bought a decent set, I just needed a good fit for them. He was honest with me and said depending on the set, this didn’t always work out the way folks want it to, but we could do a consult to ensure that they would fit right before moulding. His honesty and expertise made me feel comfortable going ahead and spending the money once we decided that with my set it should work out. I’ve been using them at rehearsals for weeks now, and can honestly say I love the fit and the sound. Would highly recommend going here for any service!
Highly Recommended. Purchased VCEP 2 in ear musician monitors. Jamie’s expertise in creating a custom fit and amazing sound with the VCEP 2 Drivers resulted in a in a perfect in ear monitor. Customer service was off the charts great.
Got my earplugs here last year, they’ve been great. I DJ so I’m around loud music constantly. When I’m wearing my custom earplugs, the filter is so good it still makes me feel very present and immersed in the music. Love the feeling of knowing I’m saving my hearing one beat at a time!
I can’t thank Jamie enough! I was in a serious motorcycle accident 3 years ago, sustaining a traumatic brain injury. I really struggle with noise. My husband found Jamie and he has changed my life. He made me some musician ear plugs. I started with the middle filter. As I lived life, I realized I needed the full filter. I called Jamie, due to post PTSD I am unable to drive. He mailed me new filters. When they arrived I called Jamie, he walked me though how to switch them out with ease. I can’t thank him enough for truly changing my life! I am now able to enjoy a dinner out with my family, something I would have to suffer through or would have to miss out on.
I recently had ear impression done with Vancouver Custom Earplugs and my experience was awesome. Jamie who did my impressions was super professional and very knowledgeable, he really knows his stuff. I am a professional musician and these impressions were used for Custom In-ear monitors made by 64 Audio. They turned out amazing and they fit perfectly thanks to Jamie’s services. I highly recommend going with Vancouver Custom Earplugs if you need impressions done.

A sound Investment to Protect Your most Precious Instruments (your ears)

Designed with precision for music enthusiasts and professionals, they blend innovative features with undeniable value.

Built to Last: Medical-grade silicone ensures your earplugs withstand the test of time and usage, offering protection for 4-5+ years.

Customizable Protection: Choose from 4 filter strengths (10, 15, 20, 25 dB) to match your sound environment, from intimate gigs to explosive festivals. Swap filters easily for tailored hearing protection.

Perfect Fit: Engineered for your ears, they offer consistent fit without adjustment, ensuring optimal protection and comfort every time.

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Black Custom Musician Earplug
picture of Jamie and Post Malone in tour bus for ear impressions for custom IEM

Professional Hearing Protection for Serious Musicians

Embrace the precision protection that shields you from the silent threats of tinnitus and permanent hearing loss, ensuring your live of music thrives.

Elite Choice: Stand with the pros who prioritize their hearing without sacrificing sound quality.

Smart Prevention: Avoid the irreversible impact of hearing damage with a simple, yet effective, safeguard.

Pure Connection: Experience music in its truest form, protected and undistorted, for a lifetime of performance and enjoyment.

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Style Options

Detachable Neck Lanyard

neck cord for custom earplugs (1)

Available Colours

Color Options For Concertos Custom Molded Musician Earplugs

Personalize Your Sound Reduction

Each pair of Concertos includes 1 set of filters which you will choose when ordering. The filters control the loudness of what you hear.

Filters are interchangeable and we offer a 30 day (no charge) filter swap if you decide to change dB level.

10 dB

Ds 05 Acoustic Dental Filter B
Least Blocking

15 dB

Tiny 15 Db Music Filters
Most Popular

20 dB

20 Db Tiny Filters For Muscician Earplugs
More Blocking

25 dB

25 Db Tiny Filters For Muscician Earplugs
The Quietest

I was looking for musician ear plugs that were rather discreet and comfortable wearing for long hours especially for DJing and festivals. Very satisfied with these quality ear plugs. Package comes with a pouch, cleaning tool, and optional ear lube.

– Adrian (Vancouver)

What’s Included

whats included with concertos custom musician earplugs
1 Pair of Concertos Earplugs
1 Set of acoustic filters
Premium zipper pouch
Ear balm
Cleaning tool
Instruction Card
3 year Warranty

How to Order

Custom Earplugs Options Selection

Customize & Place Order

Select your ideal earplug type and personalize it with your choice of colors and features and place your order through our website.

Jensen Ackles On Set Of Supernatural

Ear Impressions

Get free impressions at our office, or come in to explore our products. Not from here? Get impressions from a nearby audiologist.

delivery custom earplugs vancouver canada Post

Receive by Mail

Your earplugs are shipped by Canada Post in 3-4 weeks. We’ll keep you up to date on your order with tracking when they ship.

More Information


About Our Earplugs

The problem most people have wearing generic foam earplugs is that music sounds muffled and is too restricted – especially up the mid and treble range (higher frequencies). They’re also uncomfortable and a pain in the butt to put in your ear – while getting filthier each time you reuse them.

The universal filtered earplugs for music that you might find at Tom Lees or L & M can be painful to wear, fall out or be hard to get into your ear properly in the first place. Not only that, the sound can be inconsistent – based on how they’re inserted.

Our Concertos customs block out the perfect amount of sound and the music stays crisp and clear so it sounds way better – the way it’s meant to.

They are easy to put in your ears and fit exactly the same way every time. They only fit one way and you can’t mess it up.

The result is excellent protection of your precious hearing without sacrificing sound quality or performance perfection.

To get started, just book a 30 minute appointment with us for ear impressions.

During your appointment we’ll show you all options and take your ear impressions. It’s completely painless.

That’s it! We’ll ship your earplugs to you in 3-4 weeks.

All of our custom earplugs are expertly crafted from the finest medical-grade silicone, which is hypoallergenic, soft to the touch, and completely body-safe. Concertos are made of a 60 shore hardness silicone which is sturdy for securing your filters while making them extra easy to put in your ear.

The filters are made of plastic and are interchangeable between attenuation levels (10 dB, 15 dB, and 25 dB).

We use both Etymotic Research (ER) filters and Dynamic Ear filters. They are equal quality. Unless you have a specific reason for requesting a either of the 2 brands, it’s best to leave it to the lab technicians to choose for “best fit” and most accurate acoustic output.

Each pair of Concertos comes with 1 set of filters. You’ll choose the filter strength (dB) when you order your earplugs.

If you feel you need a different filter from the one chosen at ordering – no problem.

Once you’ve had a chance to use your earplugs, we offer a free swap out to a different filter within 30 days of them being delivered.

We make the exchange as easy as possible. You’ll have the option to pick up filters at the office or we can mail them to you with a return postage paid envelope to send the other filters back to us.

You can easily swap the filters yourself and we provide you with video instructions.

Extra filters available and usually in stock for sale individually.

whats included with concertos custom musician earplugs
1 Pair of Concertos Earplugs
1 Set of acoustic filters
Premium zipper pouch
Ear balm
Cleaning tool
Instruction Card
3 year Warranty

Our custom earplugs made of high-quality silicone and can last 4-5 + years with regular care.

Our ears grow with us, so yours might change size or shape over the years to affect the fit of your earplugs over time.

The only maintenance required is regular cleaning, safe storage, and avoiding contact with sharp objects.

We make custom earplugs for people of all ages, however, we do not take ear impressions for anybody under the age of 16.

If you require custom earplugs for somebody under 16, you can get ear impressions taken from an audiologist who works with kids. Then, send them to us and we’ we’ll build the earplugs using those ear impressions. This is the same process that anybody completes when ordering from out of town or country.

One of the issues with children is the long-term fit of the earplugs, children grow quickly and may outgrow their earplugs within 12-18 months.

Yes, custom musician earplugs are safe to use during flights or air travel.

They can help block out the noise of the aircraft and create a more comfortable environment while being able to hear conversation more easily without removing our earplugs.

Disclaimer: It’s important to follow all airline rules and regulations regarding the use of earplugs or any other hearing protection devices during air travel.

No, the colour is part of the silicone. It doesn’t wear off or transfer under any circumstances.

However, depending on the color of your earplugs (i.e. white), they may discolor slightly over the years due to contact with dark earwax.

No, our custom earplugs are made easy to insert and remove. They fit your ears in a specific way so you don’t have to mess around with them. You just push them in – no rolling or squishing, and twisting – they just fit.

They fit consistently and the exact same way every time you wear them. No guesswork.

To remove just grab them by one of the edges and pull gently.

Best answer… probably. We have a lot of experience working around or integrating custom earplugs with ear piercings. We’ve only ever encountered 1 where the piercing interfered with the earplugs.

If you have any hardware you are concerned about, contact us below. Feel free to upload a picture and we’ll let you know if it’s worth your time to take the next step – booking an appointment so we can see it in person and take ear impressions .

Upload a picture of your piercing
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
Please let us know what's on your mind. Have a question for us? Ask away.

Custom molded earplugs should not cause any negative side effects or discomfort if they are properly made and fitted by a trained professional. However, as with any type of earplug or hearing protection device, there is a small risk of discomfort or irritation if the earplug is not inserted correctly or if there is an underlying ear condition that has not been diagnosed.

That’s why we complete a thorough inspection of your ears before taking ear impressions to ensure your ears are healthy and suitable for wearing custom fit earplugs.

Custom molded earplugs are a great option for people with sensitive skin or allergies, but it’s important to choose the right materials and work with a qualified professional to ensure a proper fit.

Our custom earplugs are made from medical-grade silicone, which is hypoallergenic and generally safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Some health insurance plans list “custom hearing protection” explicitly and some people get covered under a supplemental Health Spending Account – if their plan has one.

“Audiology Services” on most insurance refers to hearing aids services as hearing aids are registered medical devices. Hearing protection (earplugs) don’t fall under the medical device category.

We don’t direct-bill any insurance plans.

The best way to clean them is with soap and water. We recommend mixing them into a hand wash or at the kitchen sink. Use any soap that’s convenient or even wet-wipes if you have them handy.

If you have filters in your earplugs (i.e. Concertos, Protector Pros) or electronics like our Drifters Pro or VCEP Custom IEMs, you’ll need to take precautions to protect them. More info on cleaning filtered custom earplugs.

The majority of people replace their custom earplugs because their ears have changed or grown over time, which can affect a a proper fit. It is recommended to replace the earplugs every 5 years. However, if they are still comfortable and functioning well, there is no reason to discontinue their use.

Yes, you can wear custom molded earplugs with a helmet or other headgear.

In fact, custom earplugs can provide a better fit and more comfort than standard earplugs when worn with headgear. However, it’s important to ensure that the earplugs are inserted properly.

If your ears are unusually small, custom earplugs are the BEST option for you. They’re designed to fit the unique contours of your ear, regardless of its size or shape.

During the ear impression process, a trained professional will carefully take an impression of your ear canal using a specialized silicone material. This impression is then used to create a custom mold that is specifically tailored to your ear.

Custom earplugs are designed to fit snugly and securely in your ear, so they should not fall out during normal use. The ear impressions used to create the custom molds are made to accurately capture the unique contours of your ear, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

That being said, it’s important to remember that everyone’s ears are different and there may be rare cases where a custom earplug does not fit properly. If you are experiencing discomfort or your earplugs feel loose or fall out, it’s important to have them checked by a professional to ensure they are fitting properly and providing the intended level of protection.

No, custom earplugs should not cause more earwax or push it further into your ear canal

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The Process

Yes, please book your appointment here.

No, you don’t need a doctor referral. Just book your appointment online and get started!

You’ll be seeing a licensed hearing healthcare professional at your appointment for ear impressions.

Nothing. Just bring your ears. Feel free to bring whatever other earplugs you’re currently using so you can compare them during your appointment (optional).

Earwax is rarely an issue during ear impression appointments. Of course, if you know your ears are blocked, then it’s important to address it before using custom earplugs.

Custom earplugs take about 3-4 weeks to ship once the ear impressions hit the lab.

*Rush orders are available upon request.

Ear impressions are molds of your ear canals that are taken to create custom-fit earplugs or other hearing protection devices. During the impression process, a hearing healthcare professional will use a soft, pliable material to make a mold of your ear canal.

This process typically involves inserting a small foam block or cotton ball into your ear canal to protect your eardrum, and then injecting the impression material into your ear canal. Once the material sets, it is removed and used to create a replica of your ear canal.

These ear impressions are then used to create custom-fit earplugs that are designed to fit the exact shape of your ear canals, providing a superior level of comfort, fit, and protection compared to generic earplugs or earmuffs. The process of taking ear impressions is quick and painless, and can usually be completed in just a few minutes.

If you can visit us at our Burnaby or Surrey office in BC, we’ll do them for you. We include ear impressions for building your earplugs in the price of our earplugs.

Yes, we offer a 7-Day Rush Service. Cost is $75/order.

Standard manufacturing time for custom-fit products is 3-4 weeks, not including shipping time. Using the “Rush Processing” option reduces the manufacturing time to 7 business days. Manufacturing starts the next business day after we receive your order or your ear impressions, whichever occurs later.

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After Sale Support

We offer a 100% Conditional Money-Back Guarantee on our custom earplugs. If you have any issues with your earplugs within 30 days of delivery, simply let us know and we’ll make it right. Our guarantee includes an in-person check to identify any problems and to ensure a perfect fit.

If necessary, we’ll take new ear impressions and remake your earplugs at no additional cost to you. Our goal is to deliver custom earplugs that fit you perfectly and to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

If we are unable to make them comfortable for you, we’ll offer a full refund. 😊

This very rarely happens because we’re fanatical about them fitting you perfectly the first time.

Yes, we keep your ear impressions (molds) on file for about 6 years.

We can build replacements or any other earplugs from your impressions in the future.

If you feel you need a different filter from the one chosen at ordering – no problem.

Once you’ve had a chance to use your earplugs, we offer a free swap out to a different filter within 30 days of them being delivered.

We make the exchange as easy as possible. You’ll have the option to pick up filters at the office or we can mail them to you with a return postage paid envelope to send the other filters back to us.

In thousands of earplug clients, we have never heard of or seen allergies or any type of skin or autoimmune reaction to any of the materials we use in our earplugs.

If you experience an allergic reaction to your custom earplugs, you should stop using them immediately and contact us. We will work with you to determine the cause of the reaction and provide a solution, whether that means making a new set of earplugs with different materials or providing a refund.

If you lose your custom earplugs, don’t worry. We keep your ear impressions on file for at least 6 years, so you can simply contact us to order a replacement pair. We’ll use your existing ear impressions to create a new pair of earplugs for you, without the need for another ear impression appointment. Just keep in mind that the replacement earplugs will be charged at the normal price.

We keep your ear impressions on file, so you can simply contact us to order a replacement pair. We’ll use your existing ear impressions to create a new pair of earplugs for you, without the need for another ear impression appointment.

If you’re having trouble getting your custom earplugs to fit properly, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

First, make sure you’re following the insertion instructions we provided carefully. If you’re still having trouble, try applying a small amount of lubricant to the earplugs before insertion. If the fit is not perfect, contact us and we’ll schedule a visit to have a look at the earplugs in person. We may need to make some adjustments or take new ear impressions to ensure a proper fit. Our goal is to provide you with comfortable, effective hearing protection, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re having any issues.