Rangers – Custom Hearing Protection for Shooters

Rangers are premium earplugs – made from comfortable silicone and custom molded to fit your ears. They protect your hearing from permanent damage while shooting firearms.

Easy to put in and take out quickly
Soft and comfortable to wear all day
Durable, washable, and last 4+ years
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Rangers – Solid (30 dB NRR)

Style Options

Neck Lanyard

Neck cord for rangers custom molded shooting earplugs


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Performance Options

Rangers – Solid

Rangers custom hearing protection for shooting
Rangers – Solid

Solid silicone earplugs maintain continuous maximum protection (approx. 30 dB)

Rangers Pro – Filtered

Rangers pro blue solid custosm molded earplugs canada
Rangers Pro – Filtered

Reduce sudden harmful impact noise like gunfire while allowing normal sound to pass through. This allows you to hear better in your surroundings while protecting your ears from a harmful gunshot at all times.

Read More on Rangers Pro

Originally developed for military use, DIM Impulse filters offer optimum protection from high levels of impulse sounds like gunfire and drop hammers.

These earplugs are made with our high-strength silicone for durability and ease of use.

Fits easily under communications headsets or earmuffs where double protection is required.
Retains spatiality, communication, and sound directionality so you feel more aware of your surroundings.
Constant air flow into the ear, minimizes the occlusion effect (hearing your voice in your head) and avoids irritation within the ear canal.
custom earplugs for shooting filter cutaway
Sound travels through inline filter

What’s Included

rangers with case custom hearing protection shooting range-re (1)
1 Pair of Rangers Earplugs
Premium zipper pouch
Ear balm
Cleaning tool (Rangers Pro)
Instruction Card
2 year Warranty
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How To Order

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Book An Appointment

Make an appointment online here to see our licensed hearing professional.

You don’t need to do anything prior to your appointment. Just bring your ears.

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ear impressions for custom molded hearing protection canada

At Your Appointment (30 minutes)

We will visually examine your ears and take ear impressions (casts). This is a totally painless procedure – learn more here

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Sweet Anticipation…

It takes approximately 3 weeks for us to build your custom earplugs. We ship to you via Canada Post Expedited Parcel (1-3 days).

You’ll get an email with the tracking number as soon as they’re out the door.

*7-Day RUSH Service is available upon request.

How Many dB is a Gunshot?

The following is the best researched compilation I have seen measuring the sound level of different firearms. Sound pressure levels are measured 1 meter to the side of the firearm. Bear in mind that sound levels above 85 dB can cause damage; above 140 dB can cause IMMEDIATE damage. A single blast can cause lasting hearing loss and tinnitus. Once the damage is done, there’s no taking it back.

Peak dB SPL of Various Firearms

(Compiled by James E. Lankford, 3/18/14)

Winchester Model 70 (w/BOSS).357161.5
Remington Model 742.357161.4
Savage Model 110 (22” barrel).44161.0
Remington 742 carbine (18” barrel).22 blank161
Steyer-Daimler Mannlicher.38159
Remington 742 std (22” barrel).38160.1
Browning X-Bolt9mm159.7
Rossi Trifecta9mm159.1
Winchester 94.44157.5
Ruger Model 1.45 ACP156.0
Thompson/Center Encore.40156.1
Winchester 70 XTR7mm Mauser152.7
M147.62 X 51mm (.308)155.2
Colt AR-155.56 X 45mm (.223)154.2
Auto-Ordinance Tommy Gun (w/comp).45 ACP151.9
Marlin 917 VS.17 HMR151.8
Rossi Trifecta.22LR150.0
Ruger 10/22.22LR149.1
Mossberg 702.22LR150.0
Marlin Model 60.22LR
Remington 514.22LR

Smith & Wesson 586.357169
Ruger GP 100.357168.8
Colt Anaconda.44165.7
Italian starter pistol 314.22 blank165.3
Ruger GP 100.38164.7
Smith & Wesson 686 (.357).38164
Glock 179mm163
Sig Sauer P2289mm160
Colt Anaconda.44159.2
Colt 1911-1A.45 ACP159
Glock 22.40159
Smith & Wesson K-22.22LR158.1
.22 short155.1
.22 blank147.8
Smith & Wesson LR CTG.22LR157.9
Ruger MK.22LR157.5
Ruger Bearcat (4” barrel).22LR154.0
Remington 11-87 turkey.357161.5
Remington SP-10 magnum.357161.4
Remington 11-87 turkey.44161.0
Beretta Gold Match AL391.22 blank161
Remington 11-78 slug.38160.1
Remington 8709mm159.7
Rossi Trifecta9mm159.1
New England SBI.44157.5
Remington 11-87 turkey.45 ACP156.0
Remington 11-87 field.40156.1
Remington 870.22 short155.2
Pietro Beretta.22 blank154.2
Mossberg 183KE.22LR151.9
Mossberg 183KE.22LR151.8
Mossberg pump.22LR150.0
Mossberg bolt.410 (3” ammo)149.1
.410 (2.75” ammo)150.0