AquaSafe – Custom Earplugs for Keeping Water Out

AquaSafe – Custom Earplugs for Keeping Water Out

red aquasafe custom silicone earplugs vancouver

Water Fun, Without the Worry

Enjoy water-related activities—be it swimming, water sports, or even showering—without the fear of water entering your ears.

Experience the ultimate protection from water intrusion during your favorite aquatic activities.
Custom made for a perfect seal, promising a secure waterproof fit that feels like a second skin.
Your shield against ear infections and Swimmer’s Ear, giving you peace of mind and the confidence to immerse yourself in any water activity.

Beyond Protection: Discover the AquaSafe Advantage

Made of soft medical-grade silicone for a perfect fit that is comfortable for long wear.
AquaSafe earplugs float, so they’re easy to find and retrieve if they end up in the water.
The glow-in-the-dark feature makes them easy to locate in low light conditions, adding a fun and practicality.
woman swimmimng with custom silicone earplugs

performance Options

Sound blocking

red aquasafe custom silicone earplugs vancouver

Solid silicone earplugs that maintain a comfortable waterproof seal – NOTE: Due to the plugging of your ears, these will block sounds as well (approx. 28 dB-30 dB).

aquasafe Pro
let sound in

red aquasafe pro custom with filters silicone earplugs vancouver

While surfing or swimming, AquaSafe earplugs ensure no water enters your ear. Their waterproof membrane blocks water while still allowing sound to pass through, keeping you connected with your surroundings.

Style Options

Detachable Neck Lanyard

neck cord for custom earplugs (1)

Available Colours

aquasafe custom silicone earplugs waterproof colors

These earplugs have been a total lifesaver since my ear surgery. Now I can hit the pool without worrying about water messing with my recovery.

– Giovanni Russo (Kelowna)

How to Order

book appointment for ear impressions custom earplugs

Book Online

Book an appointment with our Burnaby or Surrey office for a consultation. There is no charge to book the appointment.

ear impressions for custom earplugs and IEM

Ear Impressions

During your appointment, we’ll take impressions (casts) of your ears. This process is painless and the entire appointment is only 30 minutes.

delivery custom earplugs vancouver canada Post

Receive by Mail

Your earplugs are shipped directly to you by Canada Post in just 3 weeks. We’ll send you a tracking # once they’re out the door.

What’s Included

red aquasafe custom silicone earplugs with case
1 Pair of AquaSafe Earplugs
Premium Zipper pouch
Ear balm
Instruction Card
Sound filters (optional)
Neck lanyard (optional)
3 year Warranty on Earplugs
1 year Warranty on sound filters for AquaSafe Pro

*Optional Floating Zipper Wallet available for additional $20