Perfect Ear Impressions Guaranteed!


The entire procedure is completely painless and takes about 15 minutes. 

Picture of ear inspection with otoscope prior to taking ear impressions for custom earplugs
Step 1: Visually inspect ear

Step 1: Visual inspection

The audiologist will use light and magnification to ensure your ear canal is healthy and clear. We want to be 100% sure that it is safe to take the impressions.

Picture of audiologist in vancouver inserting an otoblock to make sure the ear canal is safe for taking ear impressions
Step 2: Insert Cotton or Foam Block

Step 2: Insert the Oto Block

Here, we use a sterilized lighted tip to insert a perfectly sized, sterile cotton with removal string. This ensures that our impression material stops at the correct depth (about 25mm)

Picture of audiologist in vancouver injecting the impression material for taking ear impressions
Step 3: Inject impression material

Step 3: Impression material (the fun part)

Now that everything is set up for safety, we inject a 2-part silicone impression material. You’ll feel your ear fill up and things go quiet. You can relax and enjoy the silence. (most people find this to be a very cool experience)

Picture of audiologist removing the perfect ear impression
Step 4: Remove cured ear impression (5-10 minutes)

Step 4: Remove completed impression

After about 5-10 minutes the impression material is completely cured and the impression is removed slowly and carefully. You may be asked to open and close your mouth during this step.


Picture of perfect audiologist ear impressions for custom earplugs or IEM in ear monitors


Picture of perfect ear impressions for custom IEM in ear monitors or custom molded earplugs

What happens to your ear impressions?

We send your ear impressions to our production lab where they use them to create your perfect fitting earplugs.

Note: The impressions are NOT the final product. They are used to create a mold which is filled to cast the final earplugs out of medical grade soft silicone.

Group or remote service enquiries?

If you need a quote for staff custom earplugs or on-site audiology services for the film and music industry (discrete services), contact us.