UE Pro Custom IEM Purchase Terms

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When you purchase custom in-ear monitors from us, these are the terms you should be aware of:

Products and Pricing:
We offer custom in-ear monitors manufactured by Ultimate Ears. While we have the right to set our resale prices, please note that product availability and pricing are subject to change based on Ultimate Ears’ policies. We charge $220 (non refundable) for our ear impressions service for all 3rd party custom IEMs
Order and Delivery:

Your IEMs are shipped directly to you at a charge of $99 (payable at time of order). Typical turnaround time is 15 business days (add another week to count for your ear impressions shipping to UE).

We also charge $99 for shipping your ear impressions to Ultimate Ears in California. This is an optional service as you can ship them there yourself if you prefer.

Your order is placed and processed through our online system. Delivery terms are FCA (Free Carrier) from Ultimate Ears’ location in Irvine, California. This means that once the products are given to the carrier, the risk of loss transfers from Ultimate Ears to us, Vancouver Custom Earplugs Ltd.

Please note: You may be charged a small brokerage fee from UPS or FedEx in order for customs to release them across the border. This is between you and the shipping company and it’s usually under $50.

Warranty and Repairs:

Ultimate Ears provides a limited warranty against poor fit for 30 days from the original shipping date and a one-year warranty covering material defects or workmanship.

  • For warranty service or repairs, we handle the process on your behalf. This includes completing the Ultimate Ears Repair Form and detailing the issues.
  • The product, along with the Repair Form, needs to be shipped to Ultimate Ears – Repairs, 3 Jenner Street, Suite 180, Irvine, CA 92618.
  • Note that shipping costs for returning the product for repair must be prepaid and insured by you. Repaired products will be returned to us, and we’ll coordinate with you for their collection or delivery.
Returns and Exchanges:
For any returns or exchanges, the specifics of Ultimate Ears’ warranty policy apply. Please contact us directly for guidance on how to proceed with a return or exchange.
Our liability in connection with the in-ear monitors you purchase is limited to the terms provided by Ultimate Ears’ warranty. We are not responsible for any indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising from the purchase or use of these products.

Conclusion: These terms outline the key aspects of your purchase from Vancouver Custom Earplugs Ltd. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us.