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The Vancouver Custom Earplugs Difference

There are over 29 steps in hand-crafting a pair of custom made earplugs. It is a labour intensive process that ensures your earplugs are made to perfectly fit and perform comfortably for you for years of enjoyment.

All Vancouver Custom Earplugs are hand-crafted using the latest processes and highest grade skin-safe silicone.

Picture of technician hand crafting custom made earplugs in the lab

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We offer remote visits for groups requiring hearing protection in the workplace. Each person takes about 20 – 30 minutes to have their impressions taken.

Please contact us for a quote.


We provide on-site audiology and custom earmold services for the film and music industry. Artists or industry workers who require custom IEM (In Ear Monitor) or hearing protection rely on us for our “perfect fit” ear impressions. We guarantee the highest level of professionalism & discretion.

Vancouver Custom Earplugs is the preferred audiologist for top IEM manufacturers including: JH Audio, 1964 Ears, Ultimate Ears.

Are you looking to outfit your staff with custom hearing protection? We provide on-site services for groups and employees in many industries including, construction, food services, warehouses, oil and gas, electricians, and other trades people.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment that is suitable for staff and/or talent.