Metal Detectable Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection for the Food Processing Industry

Providing proper hearing protection for employees can be challenging – especially in the food industry where the highest quality and hygiene standards must be maintained.

Employers must protect their employees’ hearing as well as maintain the purity of the final consumable product by preventing contamination from any foreign objects.

Picture of metal detectable custom silicone ear defender earplugs
Metal Detectable Custom Silicone Earplugs with Fixed Cord

Why it’s Important to Use Metal Detectable Earplugs

Unintentionally harming a consumer or having the consumer find a foreign object in the product is the last thing any food processor wants.

If a stray earplug finds its way into food produced at a facility, the company’s reputation could also be damaged. That’s why metal detectable earplugs are the ideal method of hearing protection in food processing facilities.

Most food processing facilities use metal detection machines that test the outgoing product for metal. The machines are sensitive enough to detect a metal detectable earplug that has accidentally made its way into the food stream.

Metal detectable earplugs are one of the easiest ways to help ensure that this type of non-food ingredient never makes its way into a food source.

How Metal Detectable Earplugs Work

Our custom Metal Detectable Protectors contain a small ferrous metal ball bearing embedded within each of them. They are specifically designed for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our metal-detectable earplugs also contain a metal component on the neck lanyard. The neck lanyard has the option to be removable or fixed, depending on the requirements dictated by the manufacturer or what is best for the employee.

Custom Metal Detectable Ear Defenders Serve 2 Important Purposes

Employee PPE Compliance

Employees are less likely to remove the earplugs due to discomfort so there is far less of a chance for the earplugs to end up in the production process.

Product Purity

That is why it is so important for employees to have metal-detectable earplugs that fit properly, feel comfortable, and provide the right level of protection (attenuation). When earplugs are not a hassle to wear, people tend to leave them in their ears.

This helps to decrease the chances of earplugs entering your food product and increases employee compliance with your company’s hearing conservation program.

Finding the Best Food Processing Hearing Protection Solution

When we visit your facility, we assess the specific noise and communication challenges each employee faces.

Then, we determine the best configuration that will allow the individual to wear their hearing protection comfortably with the right amount of hearing protection while maximizing their ability to communicate without having to remove their hearing protection.

This helps to maximize employee compliance with your hearing conservation program, improve performance, and protect the worker’s hearing from harmful noise.

Promoting Hygiene in the Food Processing Industry

Picture demonstrating how to wash custom silicone earplugs for food processing industry t

To help keep your food processing facility clean and to the highest hygiene standards, our Metal Detectable Protectors are made of medical grade silicone and are hypoallergenic.

They are washable either by hand with soap and water or with sani-wipes.

They are non-porous so they don’t breed contaminants like bacteria or viruses that typically linger on used disposable foam earplugs.


  • Hypo-allergenic silicone, medical grade – CE approved
  • Melting point 500º C (Heat Proof)
  • Holds up in cold temperatures
  • Toxicologically inert material
  • Available as a filtered earplug or solid
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Metal detectable attachable lanyard & ear pieces
  • Integration with existing radios


  • Maximum comfort, superior fit
  • 5 Year Lifespan
  • Cost savings over disposable foam earplugs
  • Earplugs don’t interfere with other PPE
  • Earplugs attach to worker for convenient access
  • Does NOT overprotect – you are able to hear speech, shouted warnings and alarms
  • Easy to look after, easy to clean
  • Healthier, more hygienic workplace compared to having used dirty disposable plugs floating around lunch rooms and pockets

Communication Options

Solid (Class A)

Our solid Metal Detectable Protectors provide maximum protection from the most extreme harmful noise levels. Speech can still be understood better than it is with traditional foam earplugs or earmuffs but the focus is on blocking out as much noise as possible.

Filtered (Class B & C)

Our filtered Metal Detectable Protectors come with the options of a proprietary noise filter installed inline of a ported vent that runs through the earplug. There are 2 classes of filter: Class B and Class C.

This filter allows speech to be heard much more clearly while still protecting your employee’s hearing. Most people find that they are able to communicate much more easily in noise with our earplugs than if they remove them.

Picture of a graph showing the different attenuation levels for class a class b and class c custom silicone earplugs
Protectors attenuation graph for Class A, B or C hearing protection.

Radio Communication Integrations

Some employees rely on radio communication but need hearing protection. In this case we are able to customize their hearing protection so it can be coupled with their radio receiver. The receiver may connect to the earplug(s) by way of a curly tube or electronic speaker.

The employee remains protected from the harmful noise environment and typically finds that they are able to control the radio volume level better because of the better connection.

Common Noise Levels Found in the Food Processing Industry

IndustryTaskNoise Level (dBA)
DrinksBottle filling/labeling85 – 90
Casking/kegging85 -100
Power sawsup to 100
MeatBowl-choppers> 90
Packing machinery85 – 90
MillingHammer mills95 -100
Grinders85 – 95
Bagging lines85 – 90
BakingDough-mixing roomBread slicing85 – 90
Data sourced from WorkSafeBC –

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