Custom Hearing Protection For Employees

Whatever your industry – we’ve got your employees covered with the perfect hearing protection

Whether it’s a large workforce or a handful of shop employees that need custom hearing protection, we provide the best custom ear protection for your employees company wide.

Looking for Food Processing Industry Hearing Protection?
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We’ll come to your work site to create to molds, even if you have various job sites throughout the lower mainland and our efficient process minimizes downtime for your employees.

Group discounts offered for groups of 20 or more.

Site visit flat rate fee of $300.

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picture of construction site of workers wearing custom fitted hearing protection


Picture of red custom ear defender earplugs with neck cord
Custom Protectors with Fixed Neck Cord

Your employees’ hearing protection is custom fit for their comfort and customized to meet your specific industry standards.

  • Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Oil & Gas
  • Metal Machining and Fabrication
  • General Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Rail and Trucking
  • General distribution
  • Construction
  • Printing
  • Public Security
  • Mining
  • Paper and Lumber


  • Our earplugs are the softest on the market. They can be worn for long periods without any discomfort due to the softness of the medical grade silicone we use and the attention to detail applied in our impression taking and manufacturing processes.
  • They defend against hazardous noises, but still allow the wearer to hear conversation and warning signals.
  • Can be fitted with filters to provide varying levels of protection tailored to the noise levels within your specific industrial situation/environment.
  • Will not degrade and will provide years of use (most users replace after five years).
  • They are easy to clean with soap and water and make for a more hygienic workplace with less waste.
  • Can be combined with radio and telecommunications technologies for numerous communications and entertainment applications.
  • Our custom earplugs can be supplied for companies using a metal detection system – an absolute necessity in the in the food and beverage industry.
  • A cost effective and environmentally friendly approach to hearing protection