IEM Ear Impressions

It All Starts With a Great Impression

If you’re ordering new custom In-Ear-Monitors…

CONGRATULATIONS!! it’s always exciting 🙂

But, you’re going to need perfect ear impressions to guarantee that they fit right.

After all, you’re spending a lot of money on them and it really sucks when you have to send them back to the manufacturer for remakes.

When you’re wearing them, you don’t want them to hurt or leak sound.

Especially if you’re a touring musician.

perfect-ear-impressions-custom-in-ear-monitors vancouver

Please call or email to arrange an appointment to have impressions taken at our office.

If you are in the Vancouver area for a short time and need us to come to you, we can arrange a visit to your hotel, venue, or other location for your convenience (your privacy is always respected). Contact us for details on pricing and available times.

We are the exclusive “Preferred Audiologists” in the Vancouver area for:

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1964 ears preferred audiologist for impressions