Specialty – Custom Earmolds for Radio Communications

Specialty – Custom Earmolds for Radio Communications

custom earpiece for security radio over ear vancouver canada-red

Police / Security Custom Radio Earpiece

Designed to replace your standard issue earpieces, our custom fit earpieces connect seamlessly with your radio system, providing an unparalleled communication experience.

Superior Comfort: High-strength, flexible silicone – tailored for perfect fit, ensuring excellent comfort even over long shifts
Tough as Nails: Our earpieces can handle the daily grind while still being super easy to use and washable
Customizable Noise Control: Choose from solid design for noise isolation, vented for environmental awareness, or filtered vent for balanced sound clarity

Custom Pilot Earpiece

Comfortable and Secure Fit: Made from durable acrylic, our custom earpieces offer a strong, secure fit that won’t let you down
Compatibility: Our earpieces come with a mic boom bar, enabling use with Telex and Plantronics Boom Mics for seamless communication.
Enhanced Sound Quality: Our custom earpieces not only fit better but also deliver superior sound, keeping your communication crystal clear.
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How to Order

book appointment for ear impressions custom earplugs

Book Online

Book an appointment with our Burnaby or Surrey office for a consultation. There is no charge to book the appointment.

ear impressions for custom earplugs and IEM

Ear Impressions

During your appointment, we’ll take impressions (casts) of your ears. This process is painless and the entire appointment is only 30 minutes.

delivery custom earplugs vancouver canada Post

Receive by Mail

Your earplugs are shipped directly to you by Canada Post in just 3 weeks. We’ll send you a tracking # once they’re out the door.

What’s Included

Radio communication security police custom earpiece vancvouer canada-red
1 Custom Earpiece
Premium Zipper pouch
Ear balm
Instruction Card
Sound filters (optional)
2 year Warranty