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Rangers are made SOLID by default for maximum attenuation. Adding filters allows speech frequencies to pass through a channel for easier communication and situational awareness.

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9 dB filters will allow more sound to pass through and 12 dB filters are quieter until a shot or loud noise goes off. They block the same amount when activated

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Excellent5.0 Based on 58 reviews fromTracy RallanTracy Rallan ★★★★★ I was impressed 👌 right from the first moment I called. Just received my package! Absolutely perfect. These people care about their customers satisfaction!Eliz DemrenEliz Demren ★★★★★ I live in Miami but fortunately VCEP came up in my Google search for custom earplugs -- my sleep plugs were well worth it and fit great! Also very communicative and updated me on the manufacturing process.Mark RabinMark Rabin ★★★★★ I highly recommend Jamie and the team at Vancouver Custom Ear Plugs. These are by far the best ear plugs I've ever had, and their service is unmatchable. Worth every penny:)LinLin ★★★★★ Got two sets of ear plugs from Vancouver Custom Ear Plugs and they both work great! Excellent service and quality.Sarah MoreheartSarah Moreheart ★★★★★ Connected with Vancouver Custom Ear Plugs for some help in blocking noise when sleeping. They went through the process in detail, showing me on models what would be done. I learned a lot about how the ear is shaped and why regular foam plugs won't successfully dampen noise. After the explanation, a silicone mold was injected in my ear. The process was only uncomfortable for a few moments as the molding set and it was more a strange sensation. After picking out colours, I was set! A few weeks later my customized plugs have arrived and they work beautifully! I can sleep comfortably on my side and am able to have a peaceful sleep undisturbed by noise! It is an investment, but well worth it for your health and wellbeing. Very satisfied with my experience and highly recommend!Shelby ArcayShelby Arcay ★★★★★ Nothing but good things to say. Jamie has been perfecting his craft for a long time and it shows. First he will explain the product to you and then make a molding of your ear canal. I bought the custom drifters sleeping plugs and they are amazing. Hurts the wallet a bit but long term these are definitely worth it. I live beside a highway and now I can have my window open and not hear anything. Definitely recommend if you are on the fence about custom plugs. Also they are comfortable and easy to take out.Rob TRob T ★★★★★ Highly Recommended. Purchased VCEP 2 in ear musician monitors. Jamie’s expertise in creating a custom fit and amazing sound with the VCEP 2 Drivers resulted in a in a perfect in ear monitor. Customer service was off the charts great.Mike MoriartyMike Moriarty ★★★★★ It's clear Jamie has extensive experience in this industry. Every bit of the process was polished. Super prompt to get me in for fitting.He let me do a computer based orientation for work during the fitting. Great personality. They rushed my ear plugs for pick up 2 days after fitting.WITH A BONUS....I originally ordered one pair and a 3rd plug to complete a pair I misplaced one from another company quite some years ago.... HE MADE IT 4 PLUGS FOR THE PRICE OF 3!I will be recommending Vancouver Custom Earplugs to everyone I know and if I need plugs again I'm looking forward to working with Jamie again.Kevin LiangKevin Liang ★★★★★ Max Kluftinger DrumsMax Kluftinger Drums ★★★★★ Super awesome, caring people!! Everyone at Vancouver Custom Earplugs is an incredible person! They explain every little detail about how IEMs work, and guide you through every chapter of the process of purchasing In-Ear Monitors. Truly kind and caring people that love their jobs, helping their customers, and want the best for your ears and your hearing. I got my IEMs exactly how I wanted them, with fast shipping and perfect fit. I 100% recommend.Eric ChoiEric Choi ★★★★★ My mom got her ear plugs from this company. Not only the quality of earplugs are top-notch; people are very professional and client-centred. 100% recommend.Sue JungSue Jung ★★★★★ After becoming extremely sensitive to sound following a traffic accident, I found it difficult to sleep deeply due to even the slightest noise. I tried various sleep earplugs available on the market, but none of them fit my ears properly and kept falling out. After searching for a long time, I found VCEP Custom Sleep Earplugs. They maintained their shape until I woke up, so they didn't hurt and didn't fall out, effectively blocking out noise. This product became my top priority for improving my quality of life.Tracy RallanTracy Rallan ★★★★★ Right from the moment Jaime answered my first phone call enquiry he was professional and personable. He met me to do my molds and was a pleasure to deal with. It was refreshing to have great customer service from someone that clearly is very knowledgeable and enjoys what he does! Thanks for a great experience!DietmarDietmar ★★★★★ I had a great purchasing experience with Vancouver Custom Ear Plugs. The moulding was quick and painless and Jaime was informative and honest with his communication. When I received my earplugs they fit perfectly, but were as we discussed. I messaged jaime and he called me back right away, and rectified the issue swiftly. I highly recommend their products and services and will continue to support them.Raul JohnsonRaul Johnson ★★★★★ Their service is excellent their technicians worked very professionally in order to make my ear protection device fit right perfect to my ears and the mix of colors suitable exactly to my liking, ill be soon ordering another set on different colors they are definitely addictive 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾Frankie RayFrankie Ray ★★★★★ Got my earplugs here last year, they’ve been great. I DJ so I’m around loud music constantly. When I’m wearing my custom earplugs, the filter is so good it still makes me feel very present and immersed in the music. Love the feeling of knowing I’m saving my hearing one beat at a time!Alycia PawlukAlycia Pawluk ★★★★★ Worth every penny, run…don’t walk to get your custom earplugs. Comfortable, high quality, and did I mention you don’t wake up with sore ears at all. As a side sleeper, these really are a dream. Jamie is also incredible to deal with.L ML M ★★★★★ 5 stars is not high enough.I highly recommend Dr Jamie for sleep earplugs. These are a relationship-saver for partners of snorers, and Dr Jamie is very professional and was great to work with.I like them so much I got a 2nd pair!Jessica CaseleyJessica Caseley ★★★★★ Jamie and Erin went above and beyond in making sure I was 100% satisfied with my custom 'Drifter' earplugs. I rely on these every night for blocking out my husband's snoring, and they've made a considerable difference in my sleep quality over the past 4 months. Initially I had custom plugs made at a Hearing Aid Clinic, however these caused a discomfort in my ear canals to the point where I couldn't wear them anymore. I think it's the material they use, it's not as soft as the Drifter plugs. I honestly wish I had just gone to see Jamie first - could've save a lot of trouble.What I really appreciate about Jamie and Erin's service is that if you do need an adjustment, they will continue working with you until the plugs work perfectly with your ear. After a few weeks I noticed a small discomfort forming inside my right ear, and when I contacted Erin she didn't hesitate to book me in for an adjustment. They wanted to make sure I was happy - and in the end, I am truly satisfied and grateful I could find something that worked for my sensitive ears.Thank you both so much !henry zhanghenry zhang ★★★★★ Jamie was super knowledgable, and made the entire process of getting me setup with my custom sleep earplugs very comfortable and seamless.I requested to make mine have inner tips be glow-in-the-dark so i could find them easily at night, but on the exterior, black. He made it happen, super cool to see the final result!Karin HoagKarin Hoag ★★★★★ Jamie was awesome! He explained every step of the process as he went along, and was a pleasure to deal with.Love my new replacement Drifters sleep earplugs!Chris GrathamChris Gratham ★★★★★ I had previously been fit with earplugs from a different business, and despite my high hopes, they just never quite fit properly and the business wasn't responsive to trying to fix the problem. Deciding that I needed to try somewhere else, I contacted VCEP. I was booked in for an appointment with Jamie the next week and less than two weeks later I received my two-sets of customs ear plugs (intended for motorcycle riding). The fit was perfect, and the work great. After telling Jamie about my less than satisfactory first try at the other business, he reassured me that if I had any problems with the fit of the VCEP plugs then they would make it right. They fit great right away so I didn't need to follow up, but I'm completely confident that they would make any adjustments if I needed them. I just wished I had gone to Jamie the first time and not had months of bad fit and questioning whether the ear defenders were even worth it. The VCEP ones certainly are. Highly recommended.Amber LeAmber Le ★★★★★ Jaime was very helpful, thorough, replied promptly, answered all my questions and explained everything in detail. His customer service, expertise and care for his clients was truly top notch.The ear plugs blocked out sound better than any other I've had in the past. They also glow in the dark. I wish I had found him earlier, highly recommend.Adrian SinAdrian Sin ★★★★★ I was looking for musician ear plugs that were rather discreet and comfortable wearing for long hours especially for DJing and festivals. VCEP offers a micro that performs just as good as the regular sized ones. Very satisfied with these quality ear plugs. Package comes with a pouch, cleaning tool, and optional ear lube. Consultation process was simple and easy, with no pressure to commit. Tech specs available to help inform your purchase. Great communication. Arrived in about 3-4 weeks after consultation. Thanks!Jeremy IpJeremy Ip ★★★★★ Thanks Jamie for helping me get custom earplugs that fit my ears perfectly. They’re perfect for sleeping at night and they’re super comfortable. Well worth the price.Sinclair MartinSinclair Martin ★★★★★ FlimFlam vanHamFlimFlam vanHam ★★★★☆ Very good experience: easy appointment booking; prompt and timely communication (of which there was a fair deal of due to my possibly more unique requirements) and good customer service.I wear ear plugs on the road bicycle and alpine skiing due to wind noise. I finally decided to go custom due to how uncomfortable basic universal silicone plugs were. Not to mention, on the bike, they could have been more effective.I do not believe many cyclists wear ear plugs but they really should because the wind noise is causing hearing damage. I encourage any serious cyclist (who does not ride with ear buds) to try some cheap earplugs on a ride then try riding without. It's crazy how loud the wind noise is and I think most are just so used to it they are conditioned to accepting it as normal.After ordering a set with a 15dB filter and using them on the bike they turned out to actually be louder than without plugs due to the air turbulence over the filter opening. After informing VCEP of this they then provided a solid "blank" filter to swap out for the 15dB filter and this seems to offer the protection I require. I'll replace with the 15dB for skiing so I can better hear conversation.The comfort of the custom plugs is fantastic. I can wear them for many hours and they remain as comfortable as when I put them in.Jamie was great to deal with and knows his stuff. He does the molding and explains everything and him and his staff are there for support after purchase.I rarely rate anything 5 stars. If these were half the price then I'd probably have given 5 as they really are easy in and out and comfortable. I totally understand that being a very unique and custom solution there should be a premium price tag and I was aware of that going it, but it still is a very big chunk of change. If I was posting this review years down the road rather than weeks, I'm sure that cost would be irrelevant.Jeff LowensteinJeff Lowenstein ★★★★★ My experience from the fitting process to delivery was professional and seamless. Equally as important, the product fit well and work as promised.taraneh lajevarditaraneh lajevardi ★★★★★ Great customer service and process.The earplugs are effective and good investment to make. The biggest advantage for me is that they stay put throughout the night so I can sleep uninterruptedly.Yasmin HalwaniYasmin Halwani ★★★★★ I went to get a set of custom earplugs to sleep through noise at night, after spending months trying out different earplugs solutions. As a very light sleeper, my sleep quality has finally considerably improved. I should have looked up this place a long time ago.Everyone working at Vancouver Custom Ear Plugs went above and beyond to provide an excellent experience and to figure out ways to get my earplugs delivered to me by the time I needed them. Thank you so much! It’s super super appreciated 🙌Also the earplugs glow in the dark and they look super cool 🙂Gloria SiuGloria Siu ★★★★★ It was a very educational and pleasure encounter with Jamie. This is my first time having a pair of custom ear plugs, and he was so patient with me. Going over the obstacles we might encounter, and gave me very details descriptions of what he would have to do to have my ear plugs made. I was in a good hands, in no time things were done. Just have to wait for ear plugs from the mail.Keely Rammage-ScottKeely Rammage-Scott ★★★★★ I first contacted Jamie because I was looking for a set of custom sleeves for my in ear monitors. I’m a session musician, and I bought a decent set, I just needed a good fit for them. He was honest with me and said depending on the set, this didn’t always work out the way folks want it to, but we could do a consult to ensure that they would fit right before moulding. His honesty and expertise made me feel comfortable going ahead and spending the money once we decided that with my set it should work out. I’ve been using them at rehearsals for weeks now, and can honestly say I love the fit and the sound. Would highly recommend going here for any service!Shannon DavisonShannon Davison ★★★★★ I can’t thank Jamie enough! I was in a serious motorcycle accident 3 years ago, sustaining a traumatic brain injury. I really struggle with noise. My husband found Jamie and he has changed my life. He made me some musician ear plugs. I started with the middle filter. As I lived life, I realized I needed the full filter. I called Jamie, due to post PTSD I am unable to drive. He mailed me new filters. When they arrived I called Jamie, he walked me though how to switch them out with ease. I can’t thank him enough for truly changing my life! I am now able to enjoy a dinner out with my family, something I would have to suffer through or would have to miss out on.Dave WoodhouseDave Woodhouse ★★★★★ High quality ear plugs with high quality service. I purchased a set of musician ear plugs for concerts. They are comfortable for the duration of a concert, in fact it is easy to forget they are there and sound quality is very good through them. My wife got a set of musician plugs as well as some sleep plugs. She loves them both. Jamie is very knowledgeable and professional and makes the process easy and enjoyable. Highly recommended!Kyle LeeKyle Lee ★★★★★ This was the best and seamless experience for getting my custom earplugs done. Jamie is an absolute professional and walked you through each step leaving you to have no questions to ask. He’ll be the only one I get my custom ear plugs from now going forward.Jason TuttJason Tutt ★★★★★ I own a set of the Drifters for sleep and the Protectors for the shooting range. Both perform amazingly and fit snuggly. The Drifters are comfortable when I sleep on my side.One of my Drifter's recently tore when taking it out, possibly because it was molded slightly too thin and Jamie had a replacement sent out for free under the 3 year warranty within a week.Super professional and pleasant to deal with.Todd LauritzenTodd Lauritzen ★★★★★ I got the music ones and I’m over the moon with how good these bad boys work. Highly recommend.Jamie is an absolute legend and made the whole process effortless.Tobi MorelliTobi Morelli ★★★★★ I recently had ear impression done with Vancouver Custom Earplugs and my experience was awesome. Jamie who did my impressions was super professional and very knowledgeable, he really knows his stuff. I am a professional musician and these impressions were used for Custom In-ear monitors made by 64 Audio. They turned out amazing and they fit perfectly thanks to Jamie’s services. I highly recommend going with Vancouver Custom Earplugs if you need impressions done.josue galvezjosue galvez ★★★★★ Such an easy and pleasant experience getting my IEM molds done with Jamie. Extremely professional, knowledgeable, plus he explained the process & important details in an easily understandable manner. Highly recommend 10/10Peter KonigsmannPeter Konigsmann ★★★★★ Very positive experience here. The fitting was professional and personalized. Time was taken to understand my specific requirements, and to find the best solution. The fitting was done professionally and safely. Delivery was on time and the final product was as advertised. Very pleased overall. Thanks Jamie and team.Courtney DruryCourtney Drury ★★★★★ My experience with Vancouver Custom Earplugs was enjoyable. Jamie made the process nice and easy. The ear plugs work great. The only unexpected surprise was that we are responsible for the $15 shipping. I would have preferred having the option of picking them up free of charge.Peter BergunderPeter Bergunder ★★★★★ Jamie was excellent and completely knows his stuff. I love how he took the time to describe to me the technical part of what he does and had me out of there in 30 minutes with my molds in hand.KathrineKathrine ★★★★★ Jamie makes the process of being fitted and the delivery of the completed plugs very simple and efficient. He shows an astonishing commitment to the continued improvement of his product. I lost one of my new plugs in the process of a move. He not only remade me a whole new set using the information from the initial appointment, but succeeded in improving on the initial pair. The plugs work perfectly, I highly recommend this company.Rae GibbonRae Gibbon ★★★★★ My partner and I want another pair of custom ear plugs just so we can hang out with Jamie again.A seamless and enjoyable experience! We recommend to anyone who will listen. We needed a rushed order so we could take them on a trip but unfortunately they came back in the wrong colour. Jamie was quick in fixing the issue and I got the correct colour before we left!! My partner got the sleeping ear plugs and he loves them, they are far more effective and way more comfortable than conventional store bought ear plugs.On top of all that Jamie adjusted the shape of my swim ear plugs so I could try and use them for sleep.10/10 will recommend!!!Julia JeromeJulia Jerome ★★★★★ I highly recommend Jamie!! Very knowledgeable and an all round great guy! Had a good experience getting fitted for my Custom Ear plugs. And now I can sleep at night. Peace and quiet!!terry petersterry peters ★★★★★ Great service and a great product.Rhonda OlsenRhonda Olsen ★★★★★ Over the years, I have tried various types of earplugs, but none were comfortable enough to make it through an entire night or block enough noise to sleep well. When I moved to a busy street in the heart of the city, I contacted Jamie.The process of fitting me with custom earplugs was challenging. I experienced some discomfort with my earplugs and after trying them for several nights, I contacted Jamie once more. His integrity meant that he went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of.Despite some adjustments, the comfort level did not improve, so Jamie sent me another pair. We met again for a fitting check, and a few tweaks later, they provide a comfortable, quiet night's sleep.Jamie has been amazing to work with. My experience with him has been nothing short of perfect, and I highly recommend him.Jason ValagaoJason Valagao ★★★★★ If you're in the market for earplugs look no further! Jamie is a scholar and a gentleman who has made the process of sizing and fitting custom molded plugs a breeze. He knows his stuff and is passionate about providing his customers with an exceptional experience. I highly suggest seeing Jamie for all of your earplug needs.Jake AJake A ★★★★★ Great customer service, highly recommendJessica KlassenJessica Klassen ★★★★★ Jamie is more passionate about earplugs than anyone you will ever meet. His customer service is top notch and he won't hesitate to go the extra mile (or two, or three, or whatever it takes) to make you happy. He is very pleasant and easy to talk to. I would hands down recommend him to anyone who wants custom earplugs!Getting custom earplugs was one of the best decisions I ever made. The quality of my sleep has improved dramatically, and as a result my energy and mood have also improved. I didn't even realize how poorly I was sleeping until I started sleeping with these earplugs. My partner got a pair too, and he no longer complains about bad sleeps or how tired he feels. You cannot come close to this level of comfort and quiet with store-bought earplugs. I always regret it if I don't sleep with them. I can no longer imagine my life without them. Well worth the investment!!Ian GilesIan Giles ★★★★★ I feel completely satisfied with my appointments to get a set of custom earplugs for sleeping. Getting the moulds made was very easy and fast. When my earplugs arrived in the mail, they needed a slight adjustment to make them more comfortable. Jamie replied quickly to my inquiry and accommodated me within a couple of days. I would highly recommend going to Jamie if you need earplugs.Ned JosicNed Josic ★★★★★ So happy with the great customer service,speed of the whole process and the perfect fit of my new defender ear plugs for maximum protection because I work in the steel trades around alot of noise and already have enough damage done to hearing. No more disposable foam plugs. They have their place but they are not as good as the customs. Do yourself a favor and get custom plugs. Thanks so much!Ned JosicNed Josic ★★★★★ So happy with the customer service and quality product. I purchased the defenders for maximum protection because I work in the steel trades welding,grinding,gouging etc.Christian CapChristian Cap ★★★★★ A must have for concert goers or those with loud jobs. The owner is very personable and fast to respond to any questions or concerns. The moulds take a short appointment and you get your plugs afterwards in the mail. They definitely drop a huge amount of volume and clean very easilyRachel DurhamRachel Durham ★★★★★ I bought sleeper earplugs and I purposely let my parents' Boston terrier sleep with me when I visited one night to test them against her horrible snoring. It was the first successful night ever letting her sleep in my bed.I also just moved into the city and have been sleeping with them every night to block out sirens, etc. It took a few days to get fully used to them but now I don't know what I would do without them.Jamie is very nice and communicated well when we were setting up an appointment. Highly recommend seeing him for earplugs! (:peter martinpeter martin ★★★★★ Love my new ear plugs for swimming from Vancouver Custom Ear Plugs. The fitting was quick and comfortable. I used to use Speedo silicone ear plugs. Wish l had changed to Custom Ear Plugs years ago. Way more comfortable and they do thier job without constant adjustment.Denny GuemosDenny Guemos ★★★★★ We've been using Vancouver Custom Earplugs for over 3 years now and they have supplied over 150 pairs of the custom ear defense plugs for our employees. We've have had nothing but positive comments from the people wearing them. They come to our facility and the process doesn't interfere with our production. I've found them to be a very professional business with a quality product and great after sales support.js_loader