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VIP – Private Sale

15% OFF Concertos Music Earplugs

enjoy live music Without Damaging Your Hearing

As a special thanks for being our valued customer, we’re excited to present you an exclusive VIP offer: Save 15% on a pair of our innovative Concertos custom music earplugs!

Why Now?

Festival & Concert Season is Here: Equip yourself with the best protection to enjoy the vibe without worrying about hearing damage.
Convenience: We already have your ear impressions on file, ready to create your perfectly fitting earplugs.
Limited Time Offer: Sale ends June 10 at 11:59pm
Promoting Hearing Health: We’re on a mission to let everyone experience the joy of music worry-free. With Concertos, you can join your friends in the fun without risking permanent hearing damage or tinnitus.
custom musician earplugs with mini filters

Personalize Your Sound Reduction

Each pair of Concertos includes 1 set of filters which you will choose when ordering. The filters control the volume level of sound that you hear.

Not sure which filters to choose? No worries – filters are interchangeable and we offer a 30 day (no charge) filter swap if you decide to change your mind on the filters.

10 dB

Less Blocking:

Acoustic or quieter shows

String instruments


Music teachers

15 dB

Most Popular:

Performing musicians

Concert goers

Typical live shows

Sound engineers mixing live

25 dB

Most Blocking:

Music festivals

EDM music

DJ’s at large venues

Extremely loud environments