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VIP – Private Sale

15% OFF Concertos Music Earplugs

Festival and concert season Is Here Again!

As a special thanks for being our valued customer, we’re excited to present you an exclusive VIP offer: Save 15% on a pair of our innovative Concertos custom music earplugs!

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Why Now?

Live Music Season is Here

Equip yourself with the best protection to enjoy the vibe without worrying about damaging your hearing.


We already have your ear impressions on file, ready to create your perfectly fitting earplugs.

Limited Time Offer

Sale ends June 10 at 11:59pm

Promoting Hearing Health

We’re on a mission to let everyone experience the joy of music worry-free. With Concertos, you can join your friends in the fun without risking permanent hearing damage or tinnitus.

Why Concertos Custom Music Earplugs?

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Concertos are made of high strength silicone and, like all of our earplugs, fit your ears perfectly . They have small filters that control the loudness of the sound they let in. You can choose your filter strength when ordering.

Superior Sound Quality: Our Concertos earplugs reduce the volume without reducing the quality. They allow you to hear the music in its full glory – every beat, every note – but at a safe volume.

Comfort & Ease: Made with premium silicone, these earplugs are comfortable to wear for prolonged periods, even at all-day festivals or night-long concerts. Moreover, their user-friendly design makes inserting and removing them a breeze.

Enhanced Communication: With Concertos earplugs, the music doesn’t drown out your friends. Enjoy clear conversations amidst the loud music without having to shout or strain to listen.

Protection: Concertos protect your hearing by reducing the volume to safe levels, preventing potential damage from prolonged exposure to loud music.

NOTE: If we need to take new ear impressions to ensure a perfect fit, we’ll reach out and arrange it for you (no extra charge).