Concertos Custom Music Earplugs Care and Maintenance


Your Concertos earplugs feature an advanced design with acoustic filters for an enhanced auditory experience. Follow these instructions for optimal use and care.


Your earplugs are made of high strength silicone. A filter is already integrated within each earplug upon delivery (Picture A).


Identify the correct earplug – the one with the “dot” is for your RIGHT ear.

Grasp the earplug as shown in Picture B. Gently insert into the ear canal, twisting backward with slight pressure until comfortable (Picture C).

Make sure that the earplug is completely in your canal with no major gaps on the outside. It should feel fully seated in your ear and the sound attenuation will be noticeable.

How To Insert Custom Musician Earplugs

For easier insertion, you can apply a very thin coating of petroleum jelly on the canal portion of your earplug. Be careful not to cover or fill the hole (sound port).


Method 1: Twist the earplug forward while pulling gently to remove.

Method 2: Get your thumb underneath the bottom of the earplug and push it upwards so the bottom slides up and outward.

Do not pull by the neck cord (if applicable), as it may damage the earplug..

Neck Cord

Attach the neck cord by inserting the ends into the earplug sockets. They will “snap” in. Remove neck cord ends slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the surrounding earmold.

Filter Maintenance

To remove a filter, refer to the video below for instructions.

To insert, align the logo upwards, insert at about a 45° angle, and press down to secure in place (refer to video).

How To Insert Acoustic Filters