AquaSafe Earplug Instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of AquaSafe earplugs from Vancouver Custom Earplugs!

These custom silicone earplugs are expertly designed to keep water out of your ears, providing essential protection for individuals with ear-related concerns such as recent surgeries, susceptibility to infections, or perforated eardrums.

Below are some important instructions and information to ensure the optimal performance of your AquaSafe earplugs.

Insertion Technique

Before inserting your earplugs, ensure they are clean and free from any debris. Use a small amount of the provided lubricant (petroleum jelly) around the canal portion if you have trouble inserting them. In some cases, the lubricant can also aid as a water barrier to improve the seal. Only apply a thin coating around the canal portion if necessary.

This video demonstrates the correct insertion technique for maximum effectiveness.

Pre-Use Testing

Prior to water activities, we recommend testing the earplugs in a controlled environment, such as during a shower or bath. This allows you to assess the seal and ensure no water enters the ear canal.

Water Activities

Exercise caution during water activities to prevent dislodging the earplugs. Avoid sudden movements or impacts to the ears that may compromise the seal.

Initially, refrain from fully submerging or diving too deeply until you are confident in the earplugs’ performance.

Sound Blockage Awareness

Please be aware that AquaSafe earplugs not only block water but also reduce external sound. It’s important to consider this when using the earplugs, especially in environments where lifeguard or other warning sounds may be necessary.

Limitations and Liability

While AquaSafe earplugs are designed to provide a secure seal, certain factors such as ear wax buildup or dry ear canals may affect their performance.

Vancouver Custom Earplugs cannot be held liable for any water ingress once the earplugs have been used, as external factors beyond our control may influence their effectiveness.

Customer Support

We are committed to your satisfaction and safety. If you have any concerns about the seal or performance of your AquaSafe earplugs, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome you to visit our facility for further evaluation and assistance.

For any inquiries or assistance, please use the form below or call 604-359-3080.